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Update: PEAK 100417AGPK USB Dual TV Tuner Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64Bit Driver

I’ve just updated my GEEK! post that included the driver for the PEAK 100417AGPK dual TV tuner. This being because I’ve found the driver disk and have uploaded the official driver for consumer use!

If you need a copy of the driver yourself, please see this post. Leave a comment and let us know how you got on!

(Alternatively, if you know what you’re doing and would just like the download – click here)

PEAK 100417AGPK USB Dual TV Tuner Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64Bit Driver (download in post)

Right – I literally just upgraded the motherboard on my computer and then reinstalled Windows. Rather stupidly, I didn’t think to check I had all the driver disks for my USB devices – and nonetheless I since haven’t been able to get a driver for my USB TV Tuner.

It’s a PEAK USB Dual Tuner DVB-T, and I had it running perfectly on my original 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. However, I’ve now moved over to 64-bit Windows – which is great, but I can’t for the life of me find the stupid mini-CD that came with the device to install the driver.

Even more annoyingly – the company’s website (PEAK) is no longer working (www.peakhardware.com), and there aren’t any drivers on any public driver site – so I was absolutely stuck there.

Thankfully, I had a eureka moment and realised that I’d, in the past, also installed the tuner on my netbook. Whilst I couldn’t use the driver on that (because it is 32-bit), I was able to identify the name of the driver used and get a copy online (much more readily available).

Anyway – if you’re having the same problem as me – it uses a driver called the AF9015 BDA Device – and luckily enough, I have a driver for you!

UPDATE: I FOUND THE DRIVER DISK! While digging through my drawers, I found the driver disk. So, to make things simple – I’m going to simply upload the driver directory of the disk to GEEK!. All you need to do is unzip the file and run /DVB-T/Setup.exe. 32-bit and 64-bit drivers for XP, Vista and 7 are included.


Hopefully, that should solve the problem!

Internet Explorer 9 not for Windows XP

Inevitably, Microsoft has drawn the line from Windows XP and clearly they are attempting to slowly pull people away from XP and onto more recent versions of Windows.

I don’t suppose it concerns many people anyway – who wants Internet Explorer? Firefox is several times better and Chrome is another story altogether.

Nevertheless, it could prompt Mozilla and Google to start deciding when the pull the plug on support for XP for their programs.

If you’re still one of the 65% of us using Windows XP, you really need to consider moving on. Windows 7 is much more practical (despite the pathetic TV commercials by Microsoft). XP has really past it a bit.

Important Windows support deadlines: XP SP2, Vista RTM and Windows 2000

Microsoft have posted on their blog some important dates for Windows users. If you are using Windows XP Serivce Pack 2, Windows 2000 (all versions) or Windows Vista RTM (ie with no service packs) – this affects you.

  • On April 13th 2010, Windows Vista RTM will loose support. To continue support, you’ll need to (at the very least) download Service Pack 1. You’ll be better off if you download Service Pack 2 as well.
  • On July 13th 2010, all versions of Windows 2000 will loose support. You must upgrade to a newer version of Windows (ie Windows 7) to regain support. Windows XP Service Pack 2 will also loose support on this date. You must upgrade to Service Pack 3 to regain support, but bear in mind that support for SP3 will end soon.]

That should tell you all that you need to know. If you need to get your hands on Service Packs, check Windows Update.

SiS M672MX drivers for Windows XP [Download]

If you have a laptop with the SiS M672MX, you’ll be sadened to know that there are no official drivers for Windows XP. However, you’ll be glad to know that I have got some drivers for Windows XP – I found them on my laptops driver disk but I’m pretty sure they work on any Windows XP computer, as long as you’re trying to run it with a SiS M672MX.

I’ve uploaded them to GEEK! so you can download them here on GEEK! exclusively.

Please note: GEEK! does NOT accept liability for any damage – both hardware or software – by use of these drivers. If they do not work, please uninstall them and return to what you were previously using.

If you’re ready to try them out, click the link below:

Download here – approx. 17MB

Once downloaded, simply extract the ZIP and run the setup.exe file in the VGA folder and follow the instructions on-screen.

If they work, leave a comment and let the readers of GEEK! know! 🙂