Is Nokia’s new Comes With Music worth it?

If you want a straight answer, then no. I doubt Nokia will have this deal last very long, because frankly Nokia is making quite a gamble.

So this is how it works. You pay £129.95 and you will get a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and a 1 year subscription to Comes With Music. Well first of all, the 5310 is a phone that’s over a year old now. You can have N95 8GB if you would rather have that, but still the N95 is beginning to show it’s age now and more modern technology is already beginning to replace it. Besides, if you’ve only got two phones to choose from a  lot of people will just move onto something else.

The N95 Comes With Music edition will knock you back £400 and with that you’ll get an 8GB model, all the “bells and whistles” of the N95 and the year of “free” music.

Oh and by the way don’t forget this “free” music doesn’t cover data costs so you still have to pay for some plan to get a fair rate for downloading music or you are going to end up with a massive phone bill.

Nokia is in my opinion taking a huge gamble here. Lets say someone downloads 1500 songs over the course of the year and each song was to cost £0.79. Well that totals to £1185 so how Nokia is making a profit here I would love to know.

So overall I think Nokia is not only risking a huge loss, but the poor choice of phones and the risks of data costs make it pretty much useless to most people.

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