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I only recently discovered the point in having an account with Before then, I only used it for the odd song I wanted to listen to online. 

But I see why its so good to sign up to now. Basically, when you sign up you get your own page where you can put up a whole load of statistics on what music you like, how much you listen to it, make playlists and “love” songs. It’s really good for anyone who listens to a lot of music.

You may have noticed the widgets I have added to the GEEK! sidebar. They are from and the top one shows what I have recently listened to to, and the bottom one shows what artists I like.

You can easily install the program that provide, which will monitor all the music you are listening to, and what you’ve listened to in the past. It support Windows Media Player, iTunes, and I think Winamp as well as a couple of other music players. You can have the program upload the artists you listen to from one of the players you use, straight to your page.

It’s a great site for any music lover, and it is FREE. I do wish you could add it via FTP to your own domain, that would be awesome, but for now its good anyway.

I will be adding it to the Resources page (soon to be renamed).

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