Get your music back from your iPod

You ever had the problem where your computer’s hard drive gives way and you loose all your music, but it’s on the iPod. If only you could get that music back to your computer…

Well, over the last couple of years, lots of companies have come up with software, both freeware and shareware, which will recover music (and possibly videos) from your iPod.

That way, you can recover any music you’ve lost and stick it straight back on your computer.

Have a look at iPodRip, at It’s not freeware, but it will get all of your music and playlists back. And if you aren’t short of time, have a good browse around as there’s plenty of freeware around if you’ve got the time to look for it.

Have a look, and post any comments if you can find any decent software you’d like to recommend.

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