Microsoft Windows 7 Beta download deadline confirmed

The deadline for the Windows 7 Beta download has been confirmed. You have until February 10th to get your hands on a copy, if you haven’t already.

Users who have started but not finished the download will have until February 12th to finish it. And if you are an MSDN or Technet subscriber, you’ll be able to get the Windows 7 Beta download after the deadline.

However, Microsoft has said that product keys for Windows 7 Beta will still be available after the download deadline expires.

No matter what, though, the beta will expire on the 1st of August – even if you are a Technet or MSDN subscriber.

There are even rumours going round that a Windows 7 release may well be available in July – but that is hardly believable since I seem to remember Microsoft saying they would go through a second beta testing stage before a release. I highly doubt we’ll have a release before the fourth quarter of 2009 – at the very earliest.

So there you are – an update on Windows 7 and dates for your calendar.

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