Internet Explorer 8 RC1

Well, Internet Explorer 8 RC1 has arrived, and I decided I ought to download it for a review here on GEEK!

And, honestly… as usual, I’m not overly impressed. It’s install isn’t too bad, weren’t any problems and after about 20 minutes of installing the setup requested a reboot. So, after a swift reboot and Vista’s ‘Completing Setup’ procedure, I fired it up. The first thing I noticed, which really annoyed me, was that it had gone and set itself as the default browser without even mentioning it or checking it with me.

So, after that, it confirmed a few settings with me, and then opened up the homepage. So, knowing me, the first thing I did was go to and got open a new post (I’m writing this post now in IE), and annoyingly I already see the problem that it hasn’t rendered the page properly. Why?! Why does Google and Mozilla get it right by Microsoft just can’t seem to understand how a browser is supposed to render a page.

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So, if you want my opinon, I don’t like it. Microsoft’s claims that it’s the simpler and better to use than any other browsers are just utter rubbish. What are they doing? So, for me, I’ll be sticking with Firefox and Chrome, and you should too.

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