XP just can’t be friends with Windows 7

Well, it’s bad news for anyone using Windows XP who thinks that maybe they’ll be doing an upgrade to Windows 7. Microsoft have said that you will only be able to actually upgrade without cleaning your hard disk if you have Vista. Windows XP users will have to do a clean install, and whichever way you put it – that’s not an upgrade, it’s a clean install.

Microsoft does this every time and it does bug me quite a lot.

In my opinion, Microsoft should have an upgrade system for XP because they know very well that there are a huge amount of us still happily using out XP systems, and if Microsoft even wants to make us think about moving up a gear, they should at least make it a little easier for us. Instead, we have to go through all the hassle of backing up files, finding program disks and product keys. Oh it’s just such a hassle.

Come on Microsoft, put your thinking caps on!

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