Mobile phone cameras are improving…

Well, today I took my Nokia 3120 Classic out into the lovely snow and decided to take some good old snaps – partly because other people wanted to see them, but mostly because I wanted to test my phones camera.

And, frankly, I am amazed at how much mobile phone cameras are improving. My 3120 Classic has just 2 megapixels and flash, but it takes fantastic shots. Shutter response is not quick due to slow phone processors, but as long as you aren’t moving fast, it takes digital camera quality photos.

And when I’ve taken the shots, I can shoot them over to my PC either via USB or bluetooth.

I’m really loving how I no longer need to worry if I have forgotten to pick up my camera (or in the most common case of mine, forgotten to charge it up!!). As long as I have my phone, I’ve got no problem. My 2GB memory card will cover a couple of thousand 1600×1200  images so I’ve got no problem for space.

And by no means is the 3120 classic the lead in mobile phone cameras. There are 5 megapixel phones which take much better pictures, but the 3120 classic proves that you don’t have to burn a huge hole in your pocket to get good mobile snaps.

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