Google Earth 5 – Now with ocean view and time travel!

Google has recently launched the brand new version 5 of the popular Google Earth.

New features include a brand new oceanic view, which means you can dive into the oceans as wel as use the land view. On top of that, you can go “back in time” and see the historical changes of places over time.

A lot of new content has been added, including useful resources from companies like National Geograhpic and the BBC.

You can even record yourself touring around the world of Google Earth.

Sadly, I can’t install it at the moment becuase the Google Updater/installer refuses to cooperate and running the actual Google Earth installer just brings up an error, so that’s not a great kick off for me. I’ll try and get it running in XP or on another PC sometime so I can write a quick review.

While you’re waiting, head over to to grab a copy for yourself.

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