Ever heard of a wireless home webcam?

Have you ever heard of a wireless webcam for use in the home? No, not one of those spy cameras; I mean just a normal IM webcam for video conversations? Well, if you have a PSP (or a custom firmware one) and a PSP Go!Cam, you may already have one.

A piece of software has been released meaning that the PSP system can use the Go!Cam to send a number of photos over a local wifi connection every second, in theory meaning it is a webcam. It can be used with Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

Sadly, I doubt it is actually legal as it relies on custom firmware, which Sony doesn’t approve of, so I am not going to post a link to it. However, it does show that Sony should really be doing this on the PSP. Why can’t Sony make the PSP work as a webcam – it would be very cool.

If you are a PSP owner, you’ve probably noticed that Sony have been neglecting us slightly in terms of PSP firmware updates. Come on Sony, do something about it!

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