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New PSP Go on the way

In case you haven’t already heard, images of the new PSP Go have been released by Sony, shortly before the big E3 event in the coming days.


Personally, I think it looks fantastic.

The screen is slightly smaller, but the new design certainly makes up for this in my opinion.

One big thing that seems to be surprising previous PSP owners is that Sony have scrapped the UMD drive and placed a 16GB flash drive in it instead. The Memory Stick Pro slot has also been replaced by a Memory Stick Micro.

There will be plenty more news when the E3 event begins, so stay tuned!

Ever heard of a wireless home webcam?

Have you ever heard of a wireless webcam for use in the home? No, not one of those spy cameras; I mean just a normal IM webcam for video conversations? Well, if you have a PSP (or a custom firmware one) and a PSP Go!Cam, you may already have one.

A piece of software has been released meaning that the PSP system can use the Go!Cam to send a number of photos over a local wifi connection every second, in theory meaning it is a webcam. It can be used with Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

Sadly, I doubt it is actually legal as it relies on custom firmware, which Sony doesn’t approve of, so I am not going to post a link to it. However, it does show that Sony should really be doing this on the PSP. Why can’t Sony make the PSP work as a webcam – it would be very cool.

If you are a PSP owner, you’ve probably noticed that Sony have been neglecting us slightly in terms of PSP firmware updates. Come on Sony, do something about it!