Spotify – free, legal streaming music in wonderful quality! A must have!

I recently came across Spotify – it’s a free, legal music streaming service available in many countries. It’s completely free to download and use, so go ahead and get it from

The first thing you’ll notice is that it has an interface that (I think) vaguely resembles iTunes – but thankfully, it’s much quicker and easier to use than iTunes. It’s really quick to install, and once you’ve spent 30 seconds of your time creating an account, you’re ready to start listening.

It has some distinct advantages to other free music streaming services available on the net, such as:

  • No listening limits – you can listen to each song as many times as you like. No limits like on sites like
  • Really high quality – some sites have noticeable compressed tracks which just aren’t worth listening to. However, Spotify has really good sounding tracks that don’t sound compressed. Perfect!
  • Listen to full albums in one click – You just start the album and it will play the whole way through without any interruption, just as if you owned it.

It’s just really simple and easy to use. I’d recommend it to anyone. It’ll even scrobble to if you want it to.

Go enjoy some free, legal music that’s worth the bother.

One thought on “Spotify – free, legal streaming music in wonderful quality! A must have!

  1. GEEK! Post author

    Yes I guess they can get annoying from time to time. I have not ran into them yet but I have only tested about 5 or 6 tracks. But yes, fair point. Thanks for the comment.

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