My top 10 iPod Touch/iPhone Apps

I’ve had my iPod a couple of days now to play around with, and have become addicted to it. Anyway, as promised, here are my 10 favourite apps for the iPod Touch in no particular order. There are both free and paid apps, so you can have a range of both if you like.

Any comments on my choices are welcome via comments, so if you’ve tried something I mention already, let us know what you think of it.

  1. Tap Tap Revenge 2: (FREE) This is an awesome free game, which is quite similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero. You can get free tracks to play with the game which is an added bonus. In the game, you simply listen to each track and tap every beat. It’s very addictive, and in my opinion one of the best free app games you can get.
  2. Scribble: (Lite version: free, Full version: £0.59) This is a very cool app that gives you the ability to “scribble” drawings on your iPod Touch/iPhone’s screen with the use of the touch screen. You can use a variety of different colours, and you can also save your drawings to the memory for later use. The free “lite” version is very similar to the full one – the main difference that the “lite” version has ads that can become annoying. If you can afford the full version, buy it. Otherwise, if you can live with the ads, the free version should be fine.
  3. Mocha VNC: (Lite version: free, Full version £3.49) This is a fantastic app that gives you the ability to view and control computers on your network that have VNC installed and running. The free version simply gives you access to one keyboard, left mouse clicking only, and up to 6 host machines. The full version, on the other hand, gives you access 3 keyboards, the ability to use CONTROL/ALT keys for PC and Option/Apple keys for Apple Macs, right mouse click, plus it can hold up to 20 host machines. It’s a fantastic piece of kit that’s really handy. Personally I’m quite happy with the free version, but I can see why the full version could be useful. Still, go try it.
  4. Word Scramble by Zynga: (FREE) A catchy, free word puzzle game that consists of you having to make words out of a selection of letters. You can play locally, or over the internet with real people. A really good time-waster for the boring moments of life!
  5. iHandy Level Free: (FREE) An app that takes great advantage of the accelerometer in the iPod Touch/iPhone. It works as a levelling device, so you can work out how level your desk or bookshelf is. Probably not very practical for a business, but it might be handy around the home.
  6. Darts: (FREE) A cool app which is a little darts game that you can play in your spare time. You simply aim and then fling your finger across the screen to throw your dart. Simple, but good fun.
  7. IM+ Lite: (FREE; full version available at £4.99) There aren’t many decent free IM apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone, but this one just about cuts it. It’s quite simple and you can’t do a lot with it other than chat, but if you’re in a hurry to get hold of someone it’ll get a message where it needs to go.
  8. Free Noughts and Crosses: (FREE) A free tic tac toe game for a spare couple of minutes. Play one or two player – it is just a little time-waster.
  9. iPint: (FREE) A little game in which you try and get a pint accross a bar without knocking it over. Then you get the reward of getting drunk on a virtual pint. Sound fun?
  10. Fast and Furious: (£3.49) One of the best car racing games available for iPod Touch/iPhone. It’s not free but I think it’s worth the money. The graphics are good for a device this portable, and there are some cool tracks and cars.

So there you go, my top 10 favourite apps – go ahead and see what you think of them. Leave any comments if you have any opinions or thoughts – they are always welcome.

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