Windows Vista Service Pack 2 released to manufacturers!

Microsoft recently confirmed that they have released Service Pack 2 of Windows Vista to manufacturers – which I guess means that they have completed work on it. They have also sent a RTM of Windows Server 2008 SP2 to manufacturers.

The official release of Vista and Server 2008 SP2 is not due until quarter two of 2009, but it’s good to know it looks like Microsoft are on track and ready.

According to Microsoft (quote-en-qoute), these are the key features of SP2:

  • Windows Search 4.0 for faster and improved relevancy in searches
  • Bluetooth 2.1 Feature Pack supporting the most recent specification for Bluetooth Technology
  • Ability to record data on to Blu-Ray media natively in Windows Vista
  • Adds Windows Connect Now (WCN) to simplify Wi-Fi Configuration
  • Windows Vista SP2 enables the exFAT file system to support UTC timestamps, which allows correct file synchronization across time zones.

So hopefully it’ll be good. GEEK! will keep you updated on any dates for the Service Pack’s launch as soon as they arise.

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