Quick tip: Get round JustHost’s expensive UK telephone support

Avoid the expensive 0871 number

I love JustHost (it’s a referral link I know – if you join I’ll get a little cash for it. I have to make a bit of money for the site! Thanks very much if you do sign up – it’s no extra cost to you)- it’s perfect. I’ve been hosting GEEK! on it for about 6 months now and it has never let me down – not once.

Anyhow, there is one thing that annoys me. The United States gets free telephone support but us Brits don’t. Seems a little silly to me, but there is a way round it.

Instead of dialing the expensive 0871 number, get Skype and call the freephone American number on +1 888 755 7585. Since it is a freephone number, you don’t need any Skype credit for it. You’ll get through to exactly the same people, but it’ll save you a bit of money (especially as they usually take 10 minutes to answer the phone).

One thought on “Quick tip: Get round JustHost’s expensive UK telephone support

  1. san

    Yes, they are not the best , in costumer services. I just chat with someone, and he just hung it up the talk, WAS NOT ANY BAD WRONG word! not at all. And he just hung up just like that. I cant exes to my billing support , what they provide me pass is’t wor. Re set it 2 times and still is the same. My payment is’t go automaticly. When I look my e-mail sometimes when I got the time, they e-mail me for late payment and they put me to the black list , blocking my wap ip address. so I cant get my emails , work e-mails, this happened 2 times, I gott a ticket for emailing with billing and suport centre, I sent a email both, no responding any! looks to me they are same like the fast host or another name for them uk reg.I DON”T RECOMEND THEM AT ALL. BAD very BAD.

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