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Quick tip: Get round JustHost’s expensive UK telephone support

Avoid the expensive 0871 number

I love JustHost (it’s a referral link I know – if you join I’ll get a little cash for it. I have to make a bit of money for the site! Thanks very much if you do sign up – it’s no extra cost to you)- it’s perfect. I’ve been hosting GEEK! on it for about 6 months now and it has never let me down – not once.

Anyhow, there is one thing that annoys me. The United States gets free telephone support but us Brits don’t. Seems a little silly to me, but there is a way round it.

Instead of dialing the expensive 0871 number, get Skype and call the freephone American number on +1 888 755 7585. Since it is a freephone number, you don’t need any Skype credit for it. You’ll get through to exactly the same people, but it’ll save you a bit of money (especially as they usually take 10 minutes to answer the phone).

“Terminate the rate” campaign passed onto Ofcom

The petition held by the “Terminate the Rate” group, supported by mobile network 3, has today been handed on to telecommunications controller Ofcom.

The petition was signed by a total of 114,259 people (according to BBC News) and was used to help knock down the cost of the MTR (mobile termination rate).

Ofcom has been complained at many times in the past as many believe MTRs cost much more than they need to. Ofcom has said it will lower the cost of the rate in time, but many believe (myself included) that they are still ridiculously high.

With any luck, the new campaign will force Ofcom to do something about this exaggerated cost and will result in lower call costs to other mobile networks. It’s about time!!