Chrome 5.0 brings host of new features

Google today released their latest version of the growing web browser, Chrome. The new version includes a large range of new features.

I’m very pleased to know that Chrome now synchronises browser settings, as well as bookmarks, to the syncing server. This means that when you use Chrome on multiple computers, you take your whole browser with you. Nice touch.

There’s also a really nice selection of HTML functions – including drag and drop (ie you can drag your Gmail attachments to your Documents folder).

In addition, great news for Mac and Linux users – Chrome 5.0 is a stable version! It’s about time!

Oh and finally, Google have set that from the next release of Adobe Flash (10.1), they are planning to automatically include a full compatible version of Flash with Chrome every time it is installed. That way, if you don’t already have it, Google will automatically install it for you when you install Chrome.

Head to for the new version, or upgrade automatically from your browser!

3 thoughts on “Chrome 5.0 brings host of new features

  1. Alan Edwardes

    Just a note – the drag and drop API isn’t for files; it’s for manipulating elements inside the DOM by dragging them around the page. The file API is for dragging and dropping files from the local filesystem onto a page.

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