giffgaff launches all new £25 goodybag

This was news some time ago – I know – but I’ve been really behind on GEEK! posts lately and wanted to catch up a bit.

giffgaff, O2’s increasingly popular MVNO, has recently extended it’s range of “goodybags” available to customers to add a brand new £25 goodybag.

The network initially introduced an all-inclusive £30 goodybag with unlimited minutes, calls and texts. However, it soon became clear that this idea was a long way from profitable and was removed from the site a few months after launch.

However, giffgaff has replaced the £30 goodybag with a very competitive alternative. For £25, you get 1500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (which truly is unlimited providing your use of it is legitimate). That may not be unlimited, but I happen to that the offer is a decent alternative that will suit many.

This is in addition to the other goodybags giffgaff offer – ranging from £5 for unlimited texts all the way up to £25.

One thought on “giffgaff launches all new £25 goodybag

  1. Emma

    Just signed up with giffgaff, I think it’s great that you can call and txt other giffgaff users for free!! Get free internet and you can top up £5 which is usefull when your not so flush. It’s also great that you can call internationally for just 8p per min!! Love it. If anyone else is interested in trying it out I have included a link below to get a free sim and i think you get £5 free credit with it too, and you can keep your number if you don’t want to change it!
    ** Sorry Emma, please promote this on your own site! I’m already advertising for giffgaff on this site! 🙂 ** (admin edit)

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