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Backup text messages from Nokia phone with [old version] PC Suite

In the old versions of Nokia PC Suite, I used to love the fact that you could back up old text messages stored on your phone to a CSV file for future reference. As sad as that might be, it can be extremely useful.

However, in the new Ovi Suite, Nokia seemed to remove that functionality – which I happen to think is a real shame. They just seemed to totally remove the function – so it now seems impossible to back up texts to anything other than Nokia’s own (useless) backup file.

Luckily, I have an old version of Nokia PC Suite stored on my network server, which has helped me back up texts from my Nokia 5230. I’ve got a download link below – but please read the following before use:

  • Whilst I’ve taken every precaution to make sure nothing harmful is in the file (virus/malware scanned – 100% clean), I can accept no responsibility for damage to your computer or your mobile. You use old versions of software at your own risk.
  • This won’t work with newer phones (or at least I don’t think I will). I know this version supports phones such the Nokia 5230 and 5800, but I’m not sure if it supports phones newer than that. My guess is that it will work with any phone pre mid-2009.
  • If you find a phone that does work with the software, please post a comment for the benefit of others. Thanks 🙂
  • It is not recommended that you install this alongside any version of Ovi Suite. I would recommend installing this in a virtual machine, or on a clean(ish) copy of Windows.

To grab the download, click the link below. It’s provided by FileServe – simply click Free Download.

File name: Nokia_PC_Suite_63_en.exe – DOWNLOAD (link temporarily removed)
File size: 21.23 MB

Let me know if you have any success.

giffgaff launches all new £25 goodybag

This was news some time ago – I know – but I’ve been really behind on GEEK! posts lately and wanted to catch up a bit.

giffgaff, O2’s increasingly popular MVNO, has recently extended it’s range of “goodybags” available to customers to add a brand new £25 goodybag.

The network initially introduced an all-inclusive £30 goodybag with unlimited minutes, calls and texts. However, it soon became clear that this idea was a long way from profitable and was removed from the site a few months after launch.

However, giffgaff has replaced the £30 goodybag with a very competitive alternative. For £25, you get 1500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (which truly is unlimited providing your use of it is legitimate). That may not be unlimited, but I happen to that the offer is a decent alternative that will suit many.

This is in addition to the other goodybags giffgaff offer – ranging from £5 for unlimited texts all the way up to £25.

3 (Three) Mobile introduces free texts and internet on Pay As You Go

3 (Three) UK Mobile has today introduced free texts and internet to users topping up. It looks like a really nice addition to pay as you go on Three and has definately made me glad to be on Three.

From today (June 2nd 2009), 3 are giving away free texts and internet usage every time you top up.

Here’s how it goes…

Mobile Internet

From now on, you get 150MB of free internet access with every top up no matter how big or small. You must use it within 90 days.

Free texts

This is how it goes:

  • Top up £5 and you’ll get 25 free texts to use within 90 days. You can only top up by £5 online.
  • Top up £10 and you’ll get 300 free texts to use within 90 days. Top up online and you’ll get an extra 300 texts (meaning 600 in total).
  • Top up £15 and you’ll get 500 free texts to use within 90 days. Top up online and you’ll get an extra 500 texts (meaning 1000 in total).
  • Top up £20 and you’ll get 1000 free texts to use within 90 days. Top up online and you’ll get an extra 1000 texts (meaning 2000 in total).
  • Top up £25 and you’ll get unlimited free texts to use within 90 days, whether you top up in a shop or online.

It’s so amazing and I’m very happy about it. It almost makes Pay As You Go better value than contract now! The best bit is that you get 90 days to use your free rewards, rather than the cruddy 30 days most mobile providers give.

I can’t get over how good it is and am trying to top up now to get my first reward! Thanks 3!