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TomTom Sat Nav Software now available on the iTunes Store!

If you have a iPhone 3G or 3GS you’ll probably be pleased to know that TomTom has launched it’s own app for satellite navigation!

As you can probably guess, the software uses the GPS navigator to run the software.

The software doesn’t come cheap but TomTom is a very well-known provider of sat-nav facilities so I suspect it will do well.

The software is currently available in 6 packages each relating to a different part of the world:

  • UK & Ireland (costs £59.99)
  • Australia (costs £44.99)
  • New Zealand (costs £54.99)
  • U.S. and Canada (costs £59.99)
  • Western Europe (costs £79.99)

An exciting idea that may prove a success to the company, but this certainly isn’t the first piece of sat-nav software available for the iPhone. There have also been a few complaints that the software has its problems – one of them being that the software apparently pauses when a call is received which would be a pain if you are driving. I guess only time will tell if the product sells.