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Scrobbl for iPhone and iPod Touch–scrobble your plays to last.fm [Jailbroken]

Yes, I know I’m not normally one to go round promoting jailbroken apps for iOS, but this one really is handy  – and until Apple start allowing scrobbles to last.fm I’ll continue to use it!

It’s totally free and will work on any jailbroken device of iOS 3.0 and above. Simply download an app from Cydia called Srobbl and plug in your account settings. It’ll work in the background and doesn’t actually have to be running in multitasking to scrobble.

I wouldn’t be promoting this app but for the fact that iPod touch and iPhone scrobbling hasn’t been working in the official last.fm app for months! However, I do like the fact it scrobbles live – I like to know when I listened to tracks.

It’ll even queue tracks for scrobbling if you aren’t connected to a wi-fi or data network, and then scrobble them later.

Simply set it and forget about it – it does the job nicely!