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TVCatchup launches new Media Center plugin – full live TV and guide

I noticed today that one of the developers for TVCatchup has recently launched a newly updated plugin for Windows Media Center. If you haven’t heard of TVCatchup before, read here.

The developer has been working on a plugin for the popular Windows application for quite some time, but finally a very user friendly version has been launched. You can get the plugin here. You’ll need XP Media Center Edition 2005, Vista or 7 with Media Center installed to use it.

The new interface is much better. A long menu with all the features you’d need.

TVCatchup in Media Center

Sadly, the plugin can’t record as yet – but this will hopefully come in an upcoming release.

If you don’t want to install (or can’t access) a TV tuner or aerial, this is for you. Please respect TV Licensing rules – make sure you have one.