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Rewind: A look back at GEEK! so far

Well, GEEK! is just over three years old now; and during that time I’ve written over 400 posts. So, while I don’t really want to add anything too new to GEEK! while I get my backup system finalised, I thought now would be a good time to run over some of the posts have brought the most traffic to GEEK!.

By far and away, the most popular post on GEEK! is the “Get the old Windows Live Essentials back“. So many of you were fed up with the poor functionality of Essentials 2011 (including me), so I linked you up with a download and instructions to get the old 2009 version back.

Next up, it’s the tool I found that allowed you to find the biggest files on your hard drive. The tiny tool quickly locates the files that are occupying the most space on your drive, allowing you to delete anything you see as unnecessary.

My review of the Samsung N145P netbook brought the next largest amount of attention to GEEK!. A fully comprehensive review that details everything you needed to know.

Not too far behind, my finding of TVCatchup back in mid 2009 provided Freeview TV access over the internet (in the UK). I still use the site regularly when I’m on the go, as it provides live TV without a bombardment of adverts.

Last in the top five, it’s my iPod touch 4G review. Simple and sweet – it explains all the new features that were (and still are) great additions to the iPod range.

And that’s it – a round-up of the top five biggest posts on GEEK!. Normal service on GEEK! will resume soon, but I’m just optimising the backup process on my new VPS!

TVCatchup launches new Media Center plugin – full live TV and guide

I noticed today that one of the developers for TVCatchup has recently launched a newly updated plugin for Windows Media Center. If you haven’t heard of TVCatchup before, read here.

The developer has been working on a plugin for the popular Windows application for quite some time, but finally a very user friendly version has been launched. You can get the plugin here. You’ll need XP Media Center Edition 2005, Vista or 7 with Media Center installed to use it.

The new interface is much better. A long menu with all the features you’d need.

TVCatchup in Media Center

Sadly, the plugin can’t record as yet – but this will hopefully come in an upcoming release.

If you don’t want to install (or can’t access) a TV tuner or aerial, this is for you. Please respect TV Licensing rules – make sure you have one.

TVCatchup for iPhone gets loads more channels!

Great news iPhone and iPod Touch owners! TVCatchup – the UK’s brilliant online TV streamer – has just launched a huge bundle of new channels for their site.

Many more of the Freeview channels are now available to stream free, anytime.

Just some of the new channels include Channel 4+1, BBC Four, ITV3, ITV4 and Fiver.

The service is still totally free and works over 3G or Wi-Fi so don’t miss out!

Head straight over to iphone.tvcatchup.com to get started.