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iPhone/iPod Touch 3.1 already in the making!

Yep, just a couple of weeks after the release of the might 3.0 software, Apple is already handing out beta code for OS 3.1.

There’s very little information about it at the moment, but as far as GEEK! is aware, Apple is testing the new software and handing it out as a beta to developers.

Hopefully it will iron out a few of the bugs in OS 3.0, because I have found a few and they really annoy me. For example, I have quite a few buffering issues with the YouTube app on the iPod Touch. It seems to work for a while and then stop buffering altogether unless I close and reopen the app. It’s not me loosing WiFi signal or anything… it just seems to be a little bug.

Ah well, hopefully it will be released before too long.

There is a little information about what’s included in the update on Wikipedia, if you are interested. Looks like some interesting stuff…