Microsoft confirms no three program limit in Windows 7

If you remember, in previous versions of Windows Starter, there was always a three program limit. Well, saying that, I never actually saw any of the Windows Starter versions. Anyway, the limiter meant that in Windows Starter (Windows XP Starter and Windows Vista Starter) you couldn’t run more than three programs at one time. That didn’t include background processes such as antivirus software, just programs like Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer for example.

Well, if you’re thinking of starting off with Windows 7 Starter (I honestly can’t see why you would – why not just go with Windows 7 Basic?), you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no three program limit. Of course, there will be plenty of other limitations to drive you insane (such as the lack of Aero, DVD playback, and the ability to change the desktop background – to mention just a few), but if you really are that desperate to get Windows 7 Starter rather than Basic or Home Premium, I guess it is something to be happy about.

I personally will definately be getting Windows 7 Home Premium. I am looking forward to hear how much of a hole it will burn in my pocket, though, as there are rumours going round that it’s going to be a bit more expensive than previous versions of Windows (as mentioned in one of my previous posts). Microsoft will soon be releasing the pricing for Windows 7, so that’ll be interesting. GEEK! will of course post as soon as the pricing is released.