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Official Windows 7 pricing, no upgrade DVD in Europe

Microsoft has unveiled the plans for pricing on Windows 7.

If you currently have a license for Windows Vista Home Premium, you will pay £79.99 for an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium when it is available. If you just want a normal copy of Windows, you will need to pay £149.99.

However, there will not be an upgrade DVD for Windows 7. In Europe, Microsoft decided not to sell a separate upgrade disk. Microsoft is doing this because they are trying to comply with various regulations.

However, there is good news. Microsoft will be offering a discount preorder of Windows 7 from the 15th July, meaning that UK users will be able to get a full copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for release day for just £49.99 – while stocks last.

So there is some good and bad news there, but I think I shall definitely opt in for the £49.99 early upgrade. A full version of Windows for that price is too good to miss!

Microsoft confirms no three program limit in Windows 7

If you remember, in previous versions of Windows Starter, there was always a three program limit. Well, saying that, I never actually saw any of the Windows Starter versions. Anyway, the limiter meant that in Windows Starter (Windows XP Starter and Windows Vista Starter) you couldn’t run more than three programs at one time. That didn’t include background processes such as antivirus software, just programs like Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer for example.

Well, if you’re thinking of starting off with Windows 7 Starter (I honestly can’t see why you would – why not just go with Windows 7 Basic?), you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no three program limit. Of course, there will be plenty of other limitations to drive you insane (such as the lack of Aero, DVD playback, and the ability to change the desktop background – to mention just a few), but if you really are that desperate to get Windows 7 Starter rather than Basic or Home Premium, I guess it is something to be happy about.

I personally will definately be getting Windows 7 Home Premium. I am looking forward to hear how much of a hole it will burn in my pocket, though, as there are rumours going round that it’s going to be a bit more expensive than previous versions of Windows (as mentioned in one of my previous posts). Microsoft will soon be releasing the pricing for Windows 7, so that’ll be interesting. GEEK! will of course post as soon as the pricing is released.

Microsoft planning to announce Windows 7 pricing as early as next month

It has been mentioned on a few sites that Microsoft is apparently going to be giving the prices for the upcoming Windows 7 release as early as next month.

However, there are rumours going round that Windows 7 might even be more expensive than its predecessors, which is a very worrying thought – especially in this economical climate. Not to mention the fact that Windows Vista (as much as I may love it) was overall rather a failure for Microsoft. Increasing the prices now may well put people off what is hopefully going to be a massive improvement on Vista. The last thing Microsoft want is to kill customers off now, surely.

There isn’t really enough information on the internet yet to make any predictions for what the pricing of Windows 7 is going to look like, but I’d say it would be a good idea to start saving up now just in case it is a little more than you expected.