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[Updated] iPhone OS 4.1 coming September 8th – in the UK at least

Update: 4.1 is now live.

Update: This date has now been removed from the Apple site. The launch date of September 8th 2010 still remains on Wikipedia.

The Apple UK site now confirms that the OS 4.1 update for iPhone will be coming on September 8th. The iPod Touch page still says “Coming Soon”, as does the US site.

However, Apple usually launch all of their firmware updates on the same day so it gives me reason to believe that it will be launched to everyone on that date.

Unless you have one of the newer iPhones (iPhone 3Gs or 4) there isn’t really that much to get excited about. The iPod touch seems to be gaining Ping functionality within the iTunes app together with a new “Game Center” (I know that should be “centre” but Apple don’t seem to know British spelling). If you have an iPhone, you’ll also gain HD uploads to YouTube on the go and HDR photography.

So nothing to get too excited. Personally, I think Apple should be concentrating more on getting iPad users onto 4.0. Apple don’t seem to have much time for iPad users at the moment.

Google Chrome OS now available – only on VMware and Virtualbox

Well it’s been all over the tech news over the last 24 hours – Google Chrome OS. Google finally announced it formally yesterday, and as far as I know it is now available to download and use.

Sadly, it’s only available as a virtual machine at this time. You can get it for VMware Player or Virtualbox now. The download is available free from GDGT.

I haven’t got round to trying it yet, but hope to do so sometime this weekend. I’ve just downloaded the Office 2010 beta and would like to review that shortly, so I’ll do that first – but afterwards I’ll give Chrome OS a go.

To be honest, I haven’t got the highest hope it will be a huge success. I mean it’s a really cool concept, but it’s basic – a bit too basic. It might take off with netbooks, but I think it will annoy people who are used to powerful computers.

We’ll see what happens – I’ll get a review in as soon as possible.

iPod Touch/iPhone OS now LIVE!

It’s June 17th today, and today’s the day of the live OS 3.0 launch! At last!

Yes, you can now download the update for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Bare in mind it’s free for the iPhone but you’ll get charged for the iPod Touch update.

To get the update, hook your iPod Touch/iPhone up to your computer, run iTunes, and then click ‘Check for updates’ on your devices’ front page.

Enjoy the new firmware update, and GEEK! will be posting a review shortly.


iPod Touch 3.0 comes Wednesday, still no UK price confirmed

Its only 3 days to go until the 3.0 software for the iPod Touch (and iPhone, although that’s free) finally launches. It’s been a long wait, with a total of five betas and a GM, but Apple finally announced the launch date earlier this week.

However, it somewhat annoys me that Apple still haven’t confirmed the final price for the 3.0 update in the UK. Yeah, I know, the chances are that it will be something like £6.99, but I wish Apple would put me out of my misery and just tell me how much it’s going to burn in my pocket. I don’t want to have to pay for it anyway, but I’m going to because I want the new features.

Apple has confirmed that the update will cost $9.95 in the US, but there has been absolutely no news whatsoever as to what is happening about the UK price.

Come on Apple, get your act together. I know the chances are that nobody gives a damn what it is going to cost, but I there are a few of us that do.

iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 software arriving June 17th

Yes, it’s official. The new firmware, OS 3.0, will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch from June 17th.

As predicted, iPod Touch users will have to pay for the privilege ($9.95 to be precise, UK price unknown at time of writing). iPhone users will get it free.

Hot picks for OS 3.0 are:

  • You can download and rent movies direct from the iPhone/iPod
  • Upgraded Safari browser for better browsing and faster Javascript. There is also better Quicktime support of HTTP streams.

I don’t think the OS 3.0 will be anything massive, but it will definately be worth the update. I shall be purchasing the update when it is launched.

Wikipedia actually has quite a good entry on what’s to come in OS 3.0, with lots of detail if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in. Here is the link – just scroll to the 3.0 section in turquoise.