Official Windows 7 pricing, no upgrade DVD in Europe

Microsoft has unveiled the plans for pricing on Windows 7.

If you currently have a license for Windows Vista Home Premium, you will pay £79.99 for an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium when it is available. If you just want a normal copy of Windows, you will need to pay £149.99.

However, there will not be an upgrade DVD for Windows 7. In Europe, Microsoft decided not to sell a separate upgrade disk. Microsoft is doing this because they are trying to comply with various regulations.

However, there is good news. Microsoft will be offering a discount preorder of Windows 7 from the 15th July, meaning that UK users will be able to get a full copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for release day for just £49.99 – while stocks last.

So there is some good and bad news there, but I think I shall definitely opt in for the £49.99 early upgrade. A full version of Windows for that price is too good to miss!

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