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TAX to be added to 50p per month phone line TAX – confirmed

Yes – it’s been confirmed – those annoying people we call government have decided that they are going to add VAT to the proposed 50p per month phone line tax. With the VAT rate about to rise back to 17.5%, that makes the tax 58.75p per month or £7.05 per year.

This is seriously frustrating. The government just wants to reel in the money. Has anyone realised that it is impossible to revolutionise UK broadband networks in under 10 years. Frankly, I’d call this idea more of a scam, and sadly it looks like it will become a reality.

I really think the government has no idea what it is talking about. How the hell does the goverment expect to upgrade 5000 exchanges (5600 exchanges in UK approximately) to next generation broadband in under 10 years. With our government, there isn’t a hope in hell.

The Treasury has said approximately £175 million per year with this tax and I suspect very little of it will actually get spent on upgrading our broadband.

It has also been confirmed that the tax has been given the “green light” so it looks like the government will be pickpocketing more money from us within the next few months.

Office 2010 confirmed for June next year…

Microsoft today confirmed to Ars Technica that Office 2010 is expected to be in general availability by June 2010, after a beta tester apparently reported similar information.

The good news to that is that we should hopefully have 6 months of beta testing! Awesome.

However, don’t get too excited. OK, Windows 7 did actually launch on time, but Vista and Office 2007 were severely delayed. Microsoft aren’t brilliant at meeting deadlines, lets face it!

Oh well. GEEK! will keep you posted if any other news crops up, but for now lets hope that Office 2010 is worth it. Personally, I am yet to see anything that makes Office 2010 worth upgrading from 2007 (or 2003 for that matter). It still uses the annoying DOCX format unless you specifically tell it not to use it – but that removes some features from Word.

If you haven’t got your hands on the Office 2010 beta, you can grab a copy here.

Official Windows 7 pricing, no upgrade DVD in Europe

Microsoft has unveiled the plans for pricing on Windows 7.

If you currently have a license for Windows Vista Home Premium, you will pay £79.99 for an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium when it is available. If you just want a normal copy of Windows, you will need to pay £149.99.

However, there will not be an upgrade DVD for Windows 7. In Europe, Microsoft decided not to sell a separate upgrade disk. Microsoft is doing this because they are trying to comply with various regulations.

However, there is good news. Microsoft will be offering a discount preorder of Windows 7 from the 15th July, meaning that UK users will be able to get a full copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for release day for just £49.99 – while stocks last.

So there is some good and bad news there, but I think I shall definitely opt in for the £49.99 early upgrade. A full version of Windows for that price is too good to miss!

Windows 7 Release Date confirmed!

Wow, 4 posts in one day!

Anyway, big news! Microsoft has just confirmed that Windows 7 will be launched to the public on October 22nd 2009, miles on track of their hopes of getting in a release before 2010.

This is great news and it now means I’m going to have to start saving up. On that note, Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed pricing details of Windows 7 yet, so I’m still unsure of what it will cost.

But anyway, if you’re one of the many looking forward to the Windows 7 release, put October 22nd in your diary!