Spotify updates iPhone/iPod Touch software – the fixes are in!

Great news Spotifyers! The good people have posted up an update for their software on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’ve just got my iPod Touch updated with the latest version and I am very pleased with the new release. It’s a big improvement on the last version and has fixed loads of bugs and niggles.

Here’s what has been fixed…

  • The volume control within Spotify now only shows on the first gen iPod Touch. It now does not show on any other iPod Touch or iPhone.
  • The app now does not allow you to see artist and album view when offline (I actually don’t like this fix – liked it before)
  • The app will ask you to turn off “Offline Mode” when wi-fi is on – it’s optional but its a handy feature.
  • There are loads of bug fixes which means crashes are much less frequent.

Overall I’m very happy with the update. The only thing I want now is to have the ability to run Spotify in the background, but that’s down to Apple more than Spotify really.

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