Browser market share outlook: November 2009

Here’s the outlook on November’s browser market share, thanks to HitsLink.

Internet Explorer’s market share has fallen from 64.64% in October 2009 to 63.62% in November, which follows the usual suit of loosing about 1% per month.

Firefox’s market share continues to rise, from 24.07% in October to 24.72% in November.

Safari has lost a bit of popularity this month, with it’s market share falling from 4.42% in October to 4.36% in November.

On the other hand, Chrome and Opera have both gained users over the last month. Chrome’s market share went from 3.58% in October to 3.93% in November, and Opera went from 2.17% in October to 2.31% in November.

There’s your round up.

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