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Browser market share outlook: November 2009

Here’s the outlook on November’s browser market share, thanks to HitsLink.

Internet Explorer’s market share has fallen from 64.64% in October 2009 to 63.62% in November, which follows the usual suit of loosing about 1% per month.

Firefox’s market share continues to rise, from 24.07% in October to 24.72% in November.

Safari has lost a bit of popularity this month, with it’s market share falling from 4.42% in October to 4.36% in November.

On the other hand, Chrome and Opera have both gained users over the last month. Chrome’s market share went from 3.58% in October to 3.93% in November, and Opera went from 2.17% in October to 2.31% in November.

There’s your round up.

iPhone 3GS will be available on Orange from November 10th

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 3GS on Orange, you’ll be pleased to know that Orange will be launching the iPhone on the 10th of November.

Still not sure on what it will cost, but hopefully a little price competition will begin soon. In addition, the CEO of 3 has expressed interest in bringing the iPhone onto its network, so prices may begin to fall, but very very slowly.

Can’t wait for O2’s exclusivity to end!