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Browser market share outlook: January 2010

Chrome: Get lost Firefox, you’ve had your turn!

Sorry it’s a little late this month! I’ve been a bit carried away over the last couple of days and forgot about it. Anyway, here’s this month’s outlook, with thanks to HitsLink.

This month has been a month very similar to last month. Internet Explorer and Firefox have continued to loose market share, and Chrome and Safari have both gained market share.

Interestingly, Opera has lost a very small amount of market share this month (0.02%). However, a trend like this is frequent – Opera has a few months of gaining market share and then looses a tiny amount in one month.

Chrome is one of the highlights this month, as it has gained over 0.5% market share this month. It has recently been gaining many more users – perhaps because of it’s recent incorporation of “addons” and it’s new bookmark sync feature.

Opera Mini continues to gain market share – which proves that mobile browsing is continuing to rise.

So there you have – January’s market share for the month. It’ll be back next month!

Browser market share outlook: November 2009

Here’s the outlook on November’s browser market share, thanks to HitsLink.

Internet Explorer’s market share has fallen from 64.64% in October 2009 to 63.62% in November, which follows the usual suit of loosing about 1% per month.

Firefox’s market share continues to rise, from 24.07% in October to 24.72% in November.

Safari has lost a bit of popularity this month, with it’s market share falling from 4.42% in October to 4.36% in November.

On the other hand, Chrome and Opera have both gained users over the last month. Chrome’s market share went from 3.58% in October to 3.93% in November, and Opera went from 2.17% in October to 2.31% in November.

There’s your round up.

Find software market shares online – great website!

This website has been around for quite a while (I think, anyway) but I only recently came across it from another tech blog I was browsing through. I find it really useful for determining the most popular software as well as search engines, ISPs, and more!

It can be found here (http://marketshare.hitslink.com/) and it is really worth looking at if you are interested in market shares in the technological world!

It can also show you trends – so you can see where browsers (for example) are going in terms of how popular they are. There are some handy graphs and charts.

It doesn’t cost anything and be extremely handy. I shall definitely be referring to it in future posts as I think it can be very useful.