Browser market share outlook: January 2010

Chrome: Get lost Firefox, you’ve had your turn!

Sorry it’s a little late this month! I’ve been a bit carried away over the last couple of days and forgot about it. Anyway, here’s this month’s outlook, with thanks to HitsLink.

This month has been a month very similar to last month. Internet Explorer and Firefox have continued to loose market share, and Chrome and Safari have both gained market share.

Interestingly, Opera has lost a very small amount of market share this month (0.02%). However, a trend like this is frequent – Opera has a few months of gaining market share and then looses a tiny amount in one month.

Chrome is one of the highlights this month, as it has gained over 0.5% market share this month. It has recently been gaining many more users – perhaps because of it’s recent incorporation of “addons” and it’s new bookmark sync feature.

Opera Mini continues to gain market share – which proves that mobile browsing is continuing to rise.

So there you have – January’s market share for the month. It’ll be back next month!

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