Internet Explorer browser ballot starts soon

Internet Explorer’s web browser reign will soon be over!

I’ve just read on the internet that the long awaited browser ballot for Internet Explorer will start in just over a week (1st March).

It will mean that browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox will be able to get a fairer split of the browser market share.

From the 1st of March, an update will be installed onto European Windows computers. The next time Internet Explorer is launched (after the update is installed) a screen will show with a random selection of browsers for users to try. In addition, Internet Explorer will be removed from the taskbar, but it can be put back later.

It finally gives users who don’t understand browsers the chance to try something new.

I’m really looking forward to the launch. Despite the fact Microsoft was very unwilling to launch the browser ballot, the EU has finally forced them to do it and Microsoft are playing ball.

We might actually start to see some genuine market share results now!!

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