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Test Drive Unlimited 2 launch fails miserably – Atari’s reputation on the line

Whilst Atari thought they had the launch of the eagerly awaited Test Drive Unlimited 2 safely in the bag, sadly they obviously didn’t prepare well enough.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (the successor of the very popular TDU1 released in 2006) was launched earlier this week around the world. However, Atari is clearly suffering from regular server problems which are upsetting the gaming community.

All platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PC) are currently suffering from regular server downtimes which make the game unplayable – as it relies so heavily on the internet to function.

The TDU twitter feed is currently being inundated with tweets from frustrated users – and the official forum is taking quite a battering too!

I think Atari owes a lot of frustrated users one hell of an apology!

Internet Explorer browser ballot starts soon

Internet Explorer’s web browser reign will soon be over!

I’ve just read on the internet that the long awaited browser ballot for Internet Explorer will start in just over a week (1st March).

It will mean that browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox will be able to get a fairer split of the browser market share.

From the 1st of March, an update will be installed onto European Windows computers. The next time Internet Explorer is launched (after the update is installed) a screen will show with a random selection of browsers for users to try. In addition, Internet Explorer will be removed from the taskbar, but it can be put back later.

It finally gives users who don’t understand browsers the chance to try something new.

I’m really looking forward to the launch. Despite the fact Microsoft was very unwilling to launch the browser ballot, the EU has finally forced them to do it and Microsoft are playing ball.

We might actually start to see some genuine market share results now!!

Windows 7 coming early to some UK customers

If you’ve pre-ordered your copy of Windows 7 from PC World or Currys, you’ll be excited to know that you could be receiving your product early.

PC World today confirmed that their customers may be receiving their copy (or copies) of Windows 7 a couple of days before launch due to the fact that they want to reduce the impact of the upcoming postal strike.

PC World said that they have gained authorisation to post out copies earlier than the scheduled October 22nd.

Many forums have posts claiming some users have received their copy today.

Other major retailers are considering taking similar procedures as PC World, but nothing has been confirmed over the internet.

Well I’m (for once) glad I ordered my copy from PC World – it could prove a decision for the better!


Spotify app launched on iPhone/iPod Touch App Store, at last!

Just some quick news for any Spotify lovers:

The Spotify app has now arrived on the app store, so you can head straight over there and download it.

Bare in mind you’ll need to be a full premium user to be able to make any use of the app, which will cost you a tenner a month!

Oh and the other thing to bare in mind is that apparently it won’t play music in the background which is a bit of a newsense, so close the app and you’re music will stop playing. Hopefully that will be fixed in an update before too long.

Otherwise, go ahead and try it out. Sadly, I’m not a Spotify premium member (for now) so I won’t be able to review it, but if you’ve got any opinions on it feel free to throw in a comment!

iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 software arriving June 17th

Yes, it’s official. The new firmware, OS 3.0, will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch from June 17th.

As predicted, iPod Touch users will have to pay for the privilege ($9.95 to be precise, UK price unknown at time of writing). iPhone users will get it free.

Hot picks for OS 3.0 are:

  • You can download and rent movies direct from the iPhone/iPod
  • Upgraded Safari browser for better browsing and faster Javascript. There is also better Quicktime support of HTTP streams.

I don’t think the OS 3.0 will be anything massive, but it will definately be worth the update. I shall be purchasing the update when it is launched.

Wikipedia actually has quite a good entry on what’s to come in OS 3.0, with lots of detail if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in. Here is the link – just scroll to the 3.0 section in turquoise.