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WordPress 2.8 live and ready to go

The WordPress team have recently finished the latest addition to the WordPress family.

WordPress 2.8 includes a huge range of new and useful features. Here are just a few that can be really handy:

  • You can choose how many columns you’d like on the dashboard, which is very handy if you have a larger monitor.
  • You now have either 1 or 2 columns on the New Post/Edit Posts page.
  • There is now a theme browser and theme auto installer.
  • The Widgets page has been revamped, with handy new additions such as Inactive Widgets for future use.
  • There is now syntax highlighting on code pages, such as the Edit Plugins pages.

That’s just some of the new features, but it is definitely worth the update.

If you already have WordPress 2.7 or higher installed, you should have been notified on the Dashboard and you will be able to auto upgrade. If you are using a version below 2.7 or you want to upgrade manually, you can download the update from http://wordpress.org/download/.


WordPress 2.8 Beta 2 now available

In case you aren’t already aware, WordPress have been doing some work on the upcoming release of WordPress 2.8.

They’ve just served up beta 2 of WordPress 2.8, so if you’d like to try it, have a look here.

If you didn’t see GEEK!’s review of WordPress 2.8 Beta 1, you can check it out here.

That’s all for now. I’ll write up a review if it looks worth it. I haven’t actually investigated beta 2 yet, so it may just be bugfixes. Enjoy!

WordPress 2.8 Beta Review

WordPress recently released WordPress 2.8 Beta, which has some interesting new features which will come in handy.

As usual I’ve tested it out, and here are the highlights:

New theme installer

Wordpress Theme Installer

This new theme installer now means that WordPress can install themes you find on the WordPress Theme Directory straight to your theme directory without the need of FTP or manual file copying. It’s very similar to the automatic plugin installation system that was implemented in WordPress 2.7. However, it is more advanced and allows the user to select certain filters to make searching easier. This will definitely be a nifty little feature to look forward to.

Widget handling

widgetsThe widget handling system has been improved, with a much better click and drag interface which is much simpler to use than the previous widget handling system.

Those are the two things I find most useful. Other than that, I can’t find anything else that I would find outstanding.

WordPress has posted a Codex page with information that corresponds to the WordPress 2.8 Beta, so if you’d like a full changelog please click here.

Try it out and see what you think. I haven’t found any major bugs, but I’d recommend you don’t install it on your main blog/site. If you can, create a test blog for WordPress 2.8 beta and wait for the final release before installing it on your main blog/site.