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Microsoft planning to announce Windows 7 pricing as early as next month

It has been mentioned on a few sites that Microsoft is apparently going to be giving the prices for the upcoming Windows 7 release as early as next month.

However, there are rumours going round that Windows 7 might even be more expensive than its predecessors, which is a very worrying thought – especially in this economical climate. Not to mention the fact that Windows Vista (as much as I may love it) was overall rather a failure for Microsoft. Increasing the prices now may well put people off what is hopefully going to be a massive improvement on Vista. The last thing Microsoft want is to kill customers off now, surely.

There isn’t really enough information on the internet yet to make any predictions for what the pricing of Windows 7 is going to look like, but I’d say it would be a good idea to start saving up now just in case it is a little more than you expected.