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Firefox 5 years old today!

Believe it or not – it was 5 years ago today that the initial release of Mozilla Firefox was made, according to the Wikipedia thread here.

Hasn’t it come a long way since launch. It is the main competitor to Internet Explorer and it used by millions. As of August 2009, it apparently had a market share of 22.98% which is the biggest of any open-source internet browser by far!

Yet it’s totally free and is well supported on many operating systems – most notably Windows and Linux.

It just shows how totally awesome open-source software is and how far it can get. I’m a big fan of open-source and I think that it’s one of those things that made the turn of the 21st century!

Great work to everyone who makes Firefox, bring this brilliant software on! Take on Internet Explorer!

Mac’s 25th Birthday

Now I’ve never been a big fan of Mac’s (I’ve been a Windows user since day one) but I thought I ought to write a post to celebrate 25 years of Mac history.

Yes, today, 24th January 2009, marks 25 years of the good old Macintosh.

Remember the first Macintosh around back in 1984? You might want to take a look at this… it’s a video of the first ever Mac demonstration with Steve Jobs.

But there you go… something to think about. What was the first Mac you ever owned? Have you ever owned one – or are you the Windows type?

Happy Birthday to Macintosh…