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Firefox 5 years old today!

Believe it or not – it was 5 years ago today that the initial release of Mozilla Firefox was made, according to the Wikipedia thread here.

Hasn’t it come a long way since launch. It is the main competitor to Internet Explorer and it used by millions. As of August 2009, it apparently had a market share of 22.98% which is the biggest of any open-source internet browser by far!

Yet it’s totally free and is well supported on many operating systems – most notably Windows and Linux.

It just shows how totally awesome open-source software is and how far it can get. I’m a big fan of open-source and I think that it’s one of those things that made the turn of the 21st century!

Great work to everyone who makes Firefox, bring this brilliant software on! Take on Internet Explorer!

Firefox downloaded 1,000,000,000 times!

Mozilla, founder of the open-source Firefox, today announced that the browser has now been downloaded one billion times!

It really shows how software that is totally open-source can be really successful.

Sadly I can’t say I’m massively influenced by this milestone, since I have been using Google Chrome for months now and have never regretted the switchover. Firefox is great but Chrome is so simple and easy to use.

Well anyway, congratulations Mozilla – and good luck for the future!

Firefox 3.5 live

Mozilla has recently launched the final version of Firefox 3.5.

Personally, I haven’t got round to downloading it yet, but I’ll have a crack at upgrading tomorrow, and perhaps post a review sometime over the next few days if I find anything boastable about the new version.

If you’d like to get the latest version, you can either download the upgrade from www.firefox.com or grab it from the Check For Updates link in the Help menu of Firefox.

Mozilla sets June target for Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate

Mozilla, the creator of the well-known Firefox, has set a target for the release candidate of Firefox 3.5.

The company claims that they are estimating that the release candidate of Firefox 3.5 will be readily available sometime within the first week on June. This is of course providing that there aren’t any major bugs that get in the way of the release.

Between now and the first week of June, the company will be going through a number of stages for finalising the code. Mozilla claims on this page a schedule for what’s going to happen over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully this release candidate will be something to look forward to – personally I haven’t heard a huge amount about Firefox 3.5 (other than the fact that it’s been under discussion for ages) but I’ll be testing the release candidate when it becomes available to the public.

Firefox 3.1 beta 3 out, soon to be 3.5

The Firefox 3.1 beta is now out and ready to be downloaded at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html for anyone who wants it. It’s supposedly the last beta before they change the version number to 3.5, as I mentioned in a previous blog post

I personally won’t be downloading it any time soon as I’m going to probably wait either for the 3.5 beta or the final 3.5 release. I think the next Firefox release is definitely something to look forward to with lots of new features, so the news will be here on GEEK! as soon as it comes.