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Five top tips for selling your phone to recycling companies

You may well have got yourself a brand new phone this Christmas, which is always a nice present now-a-days. I, myself, got a brand new HTC Sensation XE for Christmas (technically it was an early Christmas present – or at least part of it was!) – which I adore.

But it does beg the question, what happens to the old phone? Mine always seem to end up sitting in boxes until they’re no use to anyone at all. This time I thought I’d sent it off to a recycling company. There’s method in the madness – people will pay you to recycle your old phone, but you have to be careful when you do so. So here are some top tips for recycling your old phone:

  • Shop around – find the best price. You’d normally see that phrase when buying a gadget, but it does also applying to selling gadgets too. Just because a phone recycling company advertises on TV, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll give you the best price. In fact, there’s actually quite a lot of mobile phone recycling companies around – so you’re more than likely to find a better price if you do some hunting. Take a look at sellmymobile.com – just type in your make/model and it’ll do the rest for you.
  • Check the price you’re getting is consistent. Make sure you read the terms & conditions carefully when you’re selling the phone. Some buyers will only offer you a certain payment within a number of days – after which point they can lower that offer by a substantial amount. Also make sure that you’re not under any contractual obligation – it’s your phone,  you can change your mind if you want.
  • Make sure you’ve backed up anything you want to keep… If you want to keep anything (like camera shots, contacts or messages), make sure you’ve got a copy safely stored on your computer or on another phone. Once you’ve sent off your phone, you may not get it back (and if you do, it may well have been flashed to remove all content). Most recent phones include software to back up content on your phone – so make use of it!
  • …and deleted anything you don’t want to keep. Make sure to ‘restore factory settings’ on the phone before handing it over. You don’t want any of your personal details (or friends’ personal details) to end up in someone else’s hands. Restoring factory settings will put the phone back to how it was when you first got it, and should delete any content that was once there.
  • Remove any accessories that you aren’t required to hand over. As already mentioned, you may not get your phone back – even if you request it. So make sure you remove any accessories you don’t have to hand over (perhaps accessories that you bought yourself) like memory cards, cases and spare batteries. Memory cards may well come in handy on new phones, and if not they’re a handy portable storage medium.

There you have it. Five tips to make the most of phone recycling companies. It’s debatable as to whether you’re better off auctioning your phones on sites like eBay – but if you just can’t be bothered with the hassle, you’re quickest way to get some cash is to hand it over to one of these companies. Just make sure you’re not being ripped off!

Backup text messages from Nokia phone with [old version] PC Suite

In the old versions of Nokia PC Suite, I used to love the fact that you could back up old text messages stored on your phone to a CSV file for future reference. As sad as that might be, it can be extremely useful.

However, in the new Ovi Suite, Nokia seemed to remove that functionality – which I happen to think is a real shame. They just seemed to totally remove the function – so it now seems impossible to back up texts to anything other than Nokia’s own (useless) backup file.

Luckily, I have an old version of Nokia PC Suite stored on my network server, which has helped me back up texts from my Nokia 5230. I’ve got a download link below – but please read the following before use:

  • Whilst I’ve taken every precaution to make sure nothing harmful is in the file (virus/malware scanned – 100% clean), I can accept no responsibility for damage to your computer or your mobile. You use old versions of software at your own risk.
  • This won’t work with newer phones (or at least I don’t think I will). I know this version supports phones such the Nokia 5230 and 5800, but I’m not sure if it supports phones newer than that. My guess is that it will work with any phone pre mid-2009.
  • If you find a phone that does work with the software, please post a comment for the benefit of others. Thanks 🙂
  • It is not recommended that you install this alongside any version of Ovi Suite. I would recommend installing this in a virtual machine, or on a clean(ish) copy of Windows.

To grab the download, click the link below. It’s provided by FileServe – simply click Free Download.

File name: Nokia_PC_Suite_63_en.exe – DOWNLOAD (link temporarily removed)
File size: 21.23 MB

Let me know if you have any success.

Windows 7 one year old today!

Well, today marks one year since Microsoft launched Windows 7 to the general public.

By the sounds of it, Windows 7 has been a great success from Microsoft – after the dismal performance of Windows Vista. Windows 7 (as of September 2010) has a market share of 17% which is pretty amazing for 12 months on the market.

I’ve had Windows 7 since launch day and I have been extremely impressed with it. If you haven’t already given it a spin, you could be really missing out as it definitely performs much better than Vista and has considerably better features than XP.

Users of XP still don’t seem to be giving up just yet, though. Although XP’s market share is dropping rapidly, it still (as of September 2010) has just over 60% of the market share – so it still has some way to go. With basic security support for XP not due to expire until 2014, I don’t think too many will be rushing to upgrade their existing PCs.

Guide: Get the old Start bar back in Windows 7

I have mixed feelings about the Windows 7 Start bar – sometimes it is really helpful and sometimes it’s a pain in the backside.

Anyway, if you don’t like the new chunky Start bar without the program text, here’s how to change it back to the traditional Windows Start bar.

  • Right click on the Start bar and click Properties.
  • On the Start Bar tab, tick the “Use small icons” tickbox.
  • Then, on the Taskbar Buttons dropdown menu, select “Never combine”.
  • Click OK, and the Vista style Start bar will return in all it’s glory, whilst keeping the new Windows 7 features.

In case you’re unsure, take a look at the screenshot below which shows what the Properties box should look like…

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

There you go!

Firefox 5 years old today!

Believe it or not – it was 5 years ago today that the initial release of Mozilla Firefox was made, according to the Wikipedia thread here.

Hasn’t it come a long way since launch. It is the main competitor to Internet Explorer and it used by millions. As of August 2009, it apparently had a market share of 22.98% which is the biggest of any open-source internet browser by far!

Yet it’s totally free and is well supported on many operating systems – most notably Windows and Linux.

It just shows how totally awesome open-source software is and how far it can get. I’m a big fan of open-source and I think that it’s one of those things that made the turn of the 21st century!

Great work to everyone who makes Firefox, bring this brilliant software on! Take on Internet Explorer!