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Firefox 3.5 live

Mozilla has recently launched the final version of Firefox 3.5.

Personally, I haven’t got round to downloading it yet, but I’ll have a crack at upgrading tomorrow, and perhaps post a review sometime over the next few days if I find anything boastable about the new version.

If you’d like to get the latest version, you can either download the upgrade from www.firefox.com or grab it from the Check For Updates link in the Help menu of Firefox.

iPod Touch/iPhone OS now LIVE!

It’s June 17th today, and today’s the day of the live OS 3.0 launch! At last!

Yes, you can now download the update for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Bare in mind it’s free for the iPhone but you’ll get charged for the iPod Touch update.

To get the update, hook your iPod Touch/iPhone up to your computer, run iTunes, and then click ‘Check for updates’ on your devices’ front page.

Enjoy the new firmware update, and GEEK! will be posting a review shortly.


What program do you use for email?

When it comes to email clients, theres a huge amount of choices. Heres the ones I know:

  • Microsft Outlook
  • Outlook Express (or Windows Mail for Vista)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Windows Live Mail (Beta)
And there are hundreds more. If you’re really interested take a look at this from Wikipedia, there’s loads there – most of them I have never even heard of.
I use a combination of Microsoft Outlook for my main email and Windows Live Mail for my other emails.
I’ve always liked them because they are both simple and easy to use, and just do the job. 
What do you use for your email?