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Do you want to customize your Vista logon screen?

After a very short while, I get bored of things I frequently see. The logon screen, for example, is something I see several times a day. I quickly got bored of the default wallpaper Vista provides for your logon screen, so I decided to personalise it a little.

I used a program called LogonStudio by Stardock. It’s a free program, and basically it just changes the wallpaper of the logon screen, to whatever you specify. 

It’s a fantastic program, and there is also an XP version. You can download it here, and I’ll post a link on the Resources page.

Randomize your desktop with Desktoptopia!

You ever booted up your computer thinking how bored you are of the wallpaper that appears on your screen every time you look at your desktop?

Well with Desktoptopia, which is available for Mac and Windows (in BETA), you can randomise your wallpaper depending on what genre you choose and how often you want it to change.

You can even rate wallpapers and stop wallpapers you don’t like from appearing again.

Check it out now at www.desktoptopia.com

And, if you’ve got your own wallpapers you’d like to upload, you can do that on the site too!