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Charge your iPad from any PC USB port & fix “Not Charging” error

Just a very quick Christmas post. If you’ve got an iPad and you’re wondering why it won’t charge over your desktop or laptop’s USB ports – it’s because by default desktop USB ports only provide 1A of current to connected devices. Any iPad actually needs more than this to charge, hence why Apple give you a special charging plug to charge it.

However, hope is not lost. You can actually get an app for your PC which manually increases the amount of current that your PC’s USB ports provide. It’s called AI Charger and it’s by Asus. Don’t be  fooled though – it will actually work with any computer and not just computers with Asus motherboards.

All you need to do is download the app from the page, install it and give your computer a reboot. When you turn it back on, you should notice that your computer will now charge your iPad (albeit slowly).

This should actually work on any desktop or laptop. Bear in mind, though, that use of this app while using your laptop’s battery may cause excessive wear to your battery. A useful app though, nonetheless.

Get some wonderful wallpapers with www.interfacelift.com

I mentioned in the post Randomize your desktop with Desktoptopia! about changing boring wallpapers every so often. But if you don’t like random wallpapers, I’ve got a great site here that was found by a friend with some great wallpapers for your desktop.

The site to go to is http://www.interfacelift.com.

There’s hundreds of excellent wallpapers there and you can download them in all sorts of resolutions for all types of monitors.

Check it out for a fresh look to your desktop.

Randomize your desktop with Desktoptopia!

You ever booted up your computer thinking how bored you are of the wallpaper that appears on your screen every time you look at your desktop?

Well with Desktoptopia, which is available for Mac and Windows (in BETA), you can randomise your wallpaper depending on what genre you choose and how often you want it to change.

You can even rate wallpapers and stop wallpapers you don’t like from appearing again.

Check it out now at www.desktoptopia.com

And, if you’ve got your own wallpapers you’d like to upload, you can do that on the site too!