[Review] Spotify for iPhone/iPod Touch absolutely fantastic!

I finally got some funds into my PayPal account, and since Spotify recently started accepting PayPal payments for subscriptions, I decided to get my act together and buy a month of Spotify Premium.

I have to say, it is the best £9.99 I’ve spent in a hell of a long time. The premium subscription not only scraps the ads, but gives me unlimited access to the iPhone and iPod Touch app. I had to try it out, especially with the “Offline Playlists” feature.

And take my word for it, it is brilliant! I can save up to 3,333 tracks onto my iPod Touch, and listen to them anytime I want – no matter whether I’m connected to the net or not. So if I’m on the train, in the car, or sitting at the bus stop, I can listen to all my favourite tracks over and over without any connection to the internet.

It is absolutely truly and utterly worth the £10 it costs per month. I also get the new offline playlists for PC, but I doubt I’ll use that half as much as on the iPod. The loss of ads on the PC will be cool too. I don’t have to buy music anymore, and it’s 100% legal :).

If you have £10 a month available, and you love music, Spotify Premium is worth every penny!

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