Google Chrome OS now available – only on VMware and Virtualbox

Well it’s been all over the tech news over the last 24 hours – Google Chrome OS. Google finally announced it formally yesterday, and as far as I know it is now available to download and use.

Sadly, it’s only available as a virtual machine at this time. You can get it for VMware Player or Virtualbox now. The download is available free from GDGT.

I haven’t got round to trying it yet, but hope to do so sometime this weekend. I’ve just downloaded the Office 2010 beta and would like to review that shortly, so I’ll do that first – but afterwards I’ll give Chrome OS a go.

To be honest, I haven’t got the highest hope it will be a huge success. I mean it’s a really cool concept, but it’s basic – a bit too basic. It might take off with netbooks, but I think it will annoy people who are used to powerful computers.

We’ll see what happens – I’ll get a review in as soon as possible.

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