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Mozilla sets June target for Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate

Mozilla, the creator of the well-known Firefox, has set a target for the release candidate of Firefox 3.5.

The company claims that they are estimating that the release candidate of Firefox 3.5 will be readily available sometime within the first week on June. This is of course providing that there aren’t any major bugs that get in the way of the release.

Between now and the first week of June, the company will be going through a number of stages for finalising the code. Mozilla claims on this page a schedule for what’s going to happen over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully this release candidate will be something to look forward to – personally I haven’t heard a huge amount about Firefox 3.5 (other than the fact that it’s been under discussion for ages) but I’ll be testing the release candidate when it becomes available to the public.

Firefox 3.5 to replace ideas of Firefox 3.1

Mozilla has decided to rename the idea of Firefox 3.1 so it becomes Firefox 3.5. Mozilla has decided that a fourth beta will be released on the 14th of April and the release will be named Firefox 3.5. 

Mozilla claims on their developer news site  that the reason for the change is because of the “sheer volume of work” which seems to make it more relevant to make it a bigger release. 

Mozilla confirmed the change in this blog post. They have said they will change the upcoming release to Firefox 3.5 before the next beta is released in April.

We shall have to see what happens when the beta arrives in our download folders, but personally I think that Mozilla just want to make the release stand out more as there is evidently large amounts of work going into it. Hopefully it’ll be something to look forward to, as Firefox is (in my opinion) beginning to fall behind a little as competition from Chrome (and possibly Safari) is falling into place.