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Updated Windows 7 Release Candidate review (screenshots)

Microsoft has recently released a few updates – one of which fixes a bug with the Windows 7 graphics card driver on my laptop (driver for SiS M672MX), which now means I can use the Aero interface properly and without issues. 

Since Aero is now working, I’ve decided I’ll take some screenshots to give people who haven’t downloaded Windows 7. I recently did a full Windows 7 review without screenshots, so if you’d like to see that instead, please click here.

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A nice app for the iPod Touch – Spawn – create colourful pictures

I’ve recently been playing on a cool little app on the iPod Touch called Spawn. The free and paid versions are available from the App Store for download, so go ahead and give it ago.

It allows you to take cool screenshots of wonderful, colourful images. Here are just a few I’ve made…

You can view my full library of images I’ve taken with Spawn here on Flickr.

Have fun with it!

Windows 7… what do you think?

Well it’s been on the news recently that Windows 7 is beginning to get it’s first visual demos and it’s being shown around a little. And from what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be really nice. The visual design of it looks much more homely, and it looks like Microsoft wants to work even further at making the computer be more of a household object.

If you haven’t heard much about the new Windows 7, this post on Neowin.net will help you catch up a little. I’ve also got a few screenshots here that give a vague idea of what it will look like.


Windows 7

Windows 7


The new start menu

The new start menu

Obviously, the design could change at any time so this is only a vague idea. But by the looks of it, it might be quite nice – although I don’t like the start bar at all at the moment, but its probably only a demo. 

Oh and a quick research says that it will be released anytime between the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 – fat chance in my opinion but we’ll see. Remember how delayed Vista was?

Lets just hope they don’t make the same mistakes with Windows 7 that they did with Vista.

Do you ever take screenshots?

If you do take lots of screenshots, why not try Window Clippings which is a fantastic program which helps you take proffesional screenshots.

You can even get plugins which add extra features like automatically uploading to your website via FTP which can be very useful.

It’s not a free program but there is a free trial and it’s not exactly expensive baring in mind you get free updates for ever.

Try it, and I promise you if you like taking screenshots, this program will be very useful to you.