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Windows 7 one year old today!

Well, today marks one year since Microsoft launched Windows 7 to the general public.

By the sounds of it, Windows 7 has been a great success from Microsoft – after the dismal performance of Windows Vista. Windows 7 (as of September 2010) has a market share of 17% which is pretty amazing for 12 months on the market.

I’ve had Windows 7 since launch day and I have been extremely impressed with it. If you haven’t already given it a spin, you could be really missing out as it definitely performs much better than Vista and has considerably better features than XP.

Users of XP still don’t seem to be giving up just yet, though. Although XP’s market share is dropping rapidly, it still (as of September 2010) has just over 60% of the market share – so it still has some way to go. With basic security support for XP not due to expire until 2014, I don’t think too many will be rushing to upgrade their existing PCs.

Find software market shares online – great website!

This website has been around for quite a while (I think, anyway) but I only recently came across it from another tech blog I was browsing through. I find it really useful for determining the most popular software as well as search engines, ISPs, and more!

It can be found here (http://marketshare.hitslink.com/) and it is really worth looking at if you are interested in market shares in the technological world!

It can also show you trends – so you can see where browsers (for example) are going in terms of how popular they are. There are some handy graphs and charts.

It doesn’t cost anything and be extremely handy. I shall definitely be referring to it in future posts as I think it can be very useful.

Google Chrome OS looks interesting…

It has been announced that Google will be releasing a brand new operating system, called the Google Chrome OS. The operating system will be very simple according to many sources, as it will be initially aimed at netbook users.

There hasn’t really been a confirmed release date, but guesses start from as early as tomorrow. However, Google has mentioned on their blog to stay tuned for more updates in the Autumn.

Google has said that they will be launching various web-based apps for the system, which will be great for computers short of hard drive space and RAM. Also, Google wants the apps to run on Windows and Mac too, so their audience should expand even further.

Google already has some brilliant online apps such as Google Docs, so having these available on other operating systems should be easy.

I think having another OS in the collection could have consequences to some other Linux versions such as Ubuntu. Linux version such as Ubuntu have had a big part in the netbook world, but Windows XP has also had increased popularity.

I think Google will have think about the fact that if it was my decision, I’d just install XP. And I think a lot of other people would think the same. Google is going to have one hell of a job to win people other.

But on the other hand, with the success of the Google Chrome web browser (now being regularly used by over 30 million users – according to Google), maybe they have a chance. We’ll have to wait and see.