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Ubuntu 10.04 out in the wild!

In case you aren’t already aware, Ubuntu 10.04 is now out of beta and in a final release. You can either download it at ubuntu.com or update directly from 10.04’s predecessor.

I haven’t got round to downloading it yet but I hope I’ll be able to do so in the very near future. It looks there’s a lot to look forward to.

As soon as I’ve got it up and running, I’ll review it here on GEEK!.

PS: I’m trialling a new writer here on GEEK!, so if you see a post not written by GEEK!, don’t worry – the site hasn’t been hacked.

Browser ballot arrives in Windows Update

Your days are numbered, Internet Explorer.

I was just checking my Windows Update screen when a certain update appeared as available.

The update cannot be removed once installed.

I installed the update and nothing seemed to change. Tried opening IE, but it just opened as normal. It may be that IE isn’t my default browser (Chrome took that place months back) so it may not affect me anyway.

So if you’re checking out Windows Update, be sure to download that if you’re running IE as you’re default browser.

Spotify for Symbian out and available

Yes folks, you are reading that right. If you are in possession of a Symbian mobile phone, you’ll be delighted to know that Spotify today launched Spotify for Symbian.

You’ll of course need a Spotify Premium subscription costing £9.99 per month, but I promise you it is well worth the money.

Sadly, I don’t have a Symbian phone so I wont be testing the new software anytime soon. However, if you have a Symbian phone, head straight over to m.spotify.com and you’ll be redirected to the right download. If you aren’t sure whether you have a Symbian phone or not, you can use that link anyway and the site will let you know whether you’re good to go or not.

This is good news for Spotify as the new release hugely broadens the market that Spotify can get to and will hopefully help the company to persuade more people onto their premium plan.

WordPress 2.7 RC1 available for download

Finally, it’s here. Grab a copy from http://wordpress.org/development/2008/12/wordpress-27-release-candidate-1/ but remember to back up your blog first.

I’ve been having issues with widgets in 2.7 and 2.6.5 recently so GEEK! is still running the good old 2.6.2. I might pluck up the courage later to see if the issues from the betas have been fixed in RC1.

See what you think!

Oh and by the way according to WordPress.com the final release of 2.7 is due next week.